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One of the main reasons I set up this web site up was so that I could more conveniently share the results of my hybridizing efforts with people like you.

This web site continues to be improved as time allows. My goal is to update each section through out the bloom season. So far I havn't been able to completely accomplish this, mainly because I start getting behind cataloging each day's pictures. By mid Winter I get caught up.

To-date I've continued to add more of the articles I've written as well as improve the functionalyity of the site.

Comments and questions are always welcome. If I haven't responded please contact me again. Experience has shown if I don't respond reasonably quickly, then it can be a month or more before I do so. I appologize, but with working during the day, spare time in the evening is at a premium. Each day new things come up that need to be delt with, plus I want to put some time into my current project, such as this web site (at times I get bogged down in technical issues).

Please pass this web site on to your friends.

Alan McMurtrie
22 Calderon Cres.
Toronto, Canada
M2R 2E5


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